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21st Annual
Strawberry Sale

Is now over! Check back with us next May! 

Thank you for your support!



June 17, 2017
MSA Arena

10am - 2pm


Last Day to order :
June 11,  2017




June 10, 2017
Mission Secondary

10am - 2pm


Last Day to order :
June 04,  2017




June 10, 2017
NEW - Chilliwack Alliance 
Church - 8700 Young Road
10am - 2pm


Last Day to order :
June 04,  2017




June 10, 2017
Army & Navy Mall

10am - 2pm


Last Day to order :
June 04,  2017




June 10, 2017
Salvation Army

9am - 1pm


Last Day to order :
June 04,  2017


When you place your order, you can select any one of the Six locations for pickup. These locations are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE as we will have your berries at the location you selected.

Monies raised in this sale go towards Rotary community projects. This year we will continue to provide playgrounds for young children in our community, the City of Abbotsford.



Small Pail
11 pounds






Large Pail
30 pounds







If you would like more information about our strawberry sales, please contact us at:

Refund Policy

By placing an order you agree to:
1) Pick-up your order on designated date, time and location specified.
2) There will be NO REFUNDS on unclaimed/forgotten product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do we need a confirmation number to pickup our berries?
A. Our database is sorted by last name, so a confirmation number is not required. However, if you place your order online and have a valid e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which you can print for your records.

Q. Can you deliver the berries we order to us directly?
A. Sorry we are not able to do this, as we do not have the resources available.

Q. Can someone else pick up our berries for us?
A. Yes, absolutely. Just make sure they know the name and phone number and if possible your confirmation number were berries were ordered under.

Q. What happens if we forget to pick up our berries?
Q. What happens to unclaimed berries?
A. We make every effort to contact you on the date of pick up if you haven't picked up your berries by early afternoon. To help us contact your please be sure to provide us with all your contact information. We will leave messages on your answering machine, however if you do not show up, we are not able to hold your berries or refund you the money paid.

Q. Where is the money spent?
A. The monies raised are used in local community projects. Primarily for the past 8 years we have partnered with the City of Abbotsford to build or upgrade playgrounds for children ages 0-6.

Q. Where do I pick up and what time?
A. Please note that our pick up days are SATURDAY from 10am to 2pm with a Special pickup time for Burnaby.
The pick-up dates and locations are listed below. When you place your order, you can select any one of the 6 locations for pick up. These locations are NOT interchangeable as we will have your berries at the location you selected.

ABBOTSFORD: MSA Arena JUNE 17 - 10am-2pm 
MISSION: Mission Secondary - At the Bus Loop off Grand Street  32939 7th Ave Mission BC JUNE 10 - 10am-2pm 
CHILLIWACK: NEW Chilliwack Alliance Church -  8700 Young Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4V6 JUNE 10 - 10am-2pm 
LANGLEY: Army & Navy - JUNE 10 - 10am-2pm
BURNABY: Salvation Army - JUNE 10- 9am-1pm
6125 Nelson Street, Burnaby BC

Q. Do you want the containers back?
A. No

Q. How do we pay?
A. You may pay with cash, cheque or credit card with the following restrictions.
Walk-in orders = Cash or Cheque ONLY (no walk-in orders for Squamish, Langley or Burnaby)
Telephone = Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
Online = Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Q. Why don't you have other berries? i.e. raspberries, blueberries?
A. This is an option we may explore in the future, however not available at this time.

Q. Are the berries organic?
A. No, the berries are not organic.

Q. Can we pick up on a different date?
A. Our resources are very limited and as such the date you choose to pick up is the date you commit to. There are no opportunities to change the pick-up dates or times.

Q. Why do you need the number on my credit card?
A. This number is required by the secure server in order to process your order online.

Q. Why do you need my e-mail address and my mailing address?
A. Your personal information is used to send out information about our sale only. We do not use it for any other purpose and do not make it available to third parties. Your e-mail is also used to send a reminder to pickup your order.

Q. Do you have a pickup in Squamish?
A. Unfortunately this year we will not have a pickup location in Squamish. Please check back with us next year. 

Abbotsford:/Mission: 604-852-7704
Toll Free: 1-877-790-2074




Corporate Sponsors

We would like to thank our 2017 Corporate Sponsors.

 Mountain View 


 Remax Little Oak   



Local Playground projects of Abbotsford-Sumas Rotary Club


 Berry Park Playground


Dormick Park Elementary School



Walnut Park Playground


Amblewood Playground