Vary is 50 years old and a resident from the Battambang province. She has five children, two of whom are still dependents as they are in school. To support herself, she farms rice, corn, and sesame. She has had this business for several years. This is the first micro loan for Vary with the Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Sumas (Kiva’s partner). She was seeking 4,000,000 KHR ($1,000 USD) in order to buy seed and insecticide, and to pay for labor costs for her cash-crop. She is now earning a good income from her business that has improved her family lifestyle. Moreover, she now has enough food to feed her three children and send them to school. The future is looking bright to be able to keep her children in school until they graduate.
The Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Sumas embarked on an ambitious International Program in 2013, to Creating Small Business, to assist and grow those businesses in developing countries through a partnership with KIVA, located in 79 countries around the world.
Using the Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Sumas members visionary plan that focuses on children and women within the local and international communities, the club chose the agriculture/farming sector with an initial investment of $2,000.00
The micro loan repayments by the women we supported over the past 3.5 years, has been reinvested wisely by the Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Sumas Kiva Committee President Thomas McMillan and Past President Michael Adkins.
As of December 30, 2016 just over $7,775.00 has been lent out to women with children within the farming/agriculture community in twenty-three separate countries including China, Azerbaijan, Tajikstan, India, El Salvador, Cambodia, Honduras, Armenia, Kenya, just to name a few.
By reinvesting the funds repaid, 79 individual loans to date have been made by Rotary Abbotsford-Sumas with a success rate has been 97.8% with only one repayment not completed.
To be a part of creating small businesses in developing countries, especially watching those mothers succeed for themselves and for their children is truly a remarkable experience that drives us to do more.
Their success stories are remarkable and inspiring. It reminds us of a Rotary International theme phrase that says it all:
“Teach a Women, Change the World”
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Michael (Mike) Adkins
Past President 2015-2016
Assistant Governor 2016-2019
Chair: Public Relations 2016-2017