Vocational Service
July 2016 | Rotary Serving Humanity through vocational service
Children getting drinking water
Since the earliest days of Rotary, service to humanity has been our cornerstone and main purpose. RI President John F. Germ believes that Rotary, like no other organization, effectively brings together committed, capable professionals in a wide variety of fields, then enables them to achieve ambitious goals. Rotarians have the capacity, the network, and the knowledge to change the world. President Germ is challenging Rotarians to use their skills to catapult Rotary forward to be an even stronger force for good in the world. Read more about John Germ’s 2016-17 theme, Rotary Serving Humanity. Here are just a few ideas for activities your clubs can undertake:
  • Lead a vocational training team to teach others about your field, or participate in a team to learn more yourself
  • Apply your vocational skills to a project.
  • Collaborate with Rotary’s service partners and share ideas on a project
  • Join or work with a Rotarian Action Group on a service project. 
  • Emphasize integrity in your club by recognizing Rotarians for high ethical standards
  • Inspire others by sharing your vocational service projects on Rotary Showcase
Review the humanitarian service goals to learn how your vocational service projects can help your club qualify for the 2016-17 Presidential Citation.